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The Coolest Clock – Changing the way we watch the clock

The Coolest Clock

Changing The Way We Watch The Clock

In a time conscious society it seems there’s a clock at a stones throw everywhere we look. Unfortunately, as hard as we’ve tried to make clocks look cool as time goes by (pun intended) our clocks become just what they are. Another clock on the wall. Fortunately for clock watchers around the world, there’s a new fascinating clock taking time by storm. That clock is The Coolest Clock.

So, what exactly is The Coolest Clock?  To be honest there’s not enough space in this blog to go over everything so let’s just go with the basics. This thing is just plain cool. Technology has allowed the company to create a clock that not only has interchangeable faces, but apps that can actually determine where you are if you’re out and about. Cool huh? The smart app allows a user to see where someone in their family actually is on the interactive map.  This app is called the Live Location Indicator.

As cool as the clock looks with the ability to change “skins” and show locations of family members this is much more than just a cool clock. This is the result of many painstaking hours of research and know-how. The coolest clock has just about as many interactive apps as a smart phone! You can check your Face book status, recent tweets and the latest news updates. Need to know the weather for the day? Not a problem with updates and weekly forecast at your fingertips. The Coolest Clock even has a scheduler so you can keep your days and weeks organized all on one smart cool clock!

There’s so much more to the Coolest Clock and it looks like the folks are working to make it even cooler! So, if you’re bored staring at that run of the mill clock you got for last decades gift, think about upgrading to this state of the art timepiece. You won’t believe how cool it is until you see it with your own eyes! Check these links to see what the coolest clock can do for you and how you can win a Coolest Clock through the referral program!