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The Coolest Clock Ushers in the Future

In the classic movie Back to the Future II, thoughts of what future day-to-day living might look like were sparked when everyday items were given upgrades to make life easier. People wore coats that dried themselves and shoes that tied themselves. They even introduced a hovering version of a skateboard. However, not since the introduction ofthe hoverboard has anything ignited my own imagination about what the future holds like what I’m about to share with you.

Currently, so many things beg for a radical futuristic makeover but perhaps not as badly as the banal, outdated clock. The Austrian-based technology company, A Tout Le Monde is changing that. They created the Coolest Clock. Hoping to raise their $20,000 fundraising campaign goal on Indiegogo, they have far surpassed that with 26 days left as of this writing. Not only is Coolest Clock the name, but quite simply the best way to describe this futuristic, time-keeping marvel.

The appeal of Coolest Clock isn’t merely its ability to project the time onto the surface below where it hangs. It also integrates and projects your Tweets, Facebook status updates, live location indicator, weather, news, sports scores to-do lists, photos, inspirational quotes and more. Coolest Clock can also change the size of the projection, the face of the clock, and brightness based upon different lighting needs. All this and it looks futuristic too!

Be one of the first people to usher in this sweet futuristic tech. Check out their campaign on Indiegogo and get Coolest Clock now at a fraction of the price. You can also find them atwww.mycoolestclock.comor on their Facebook page.

FYI, if they reach their stretch goal of $150,000, they’ll add sound features for music, alarms and radio features.

Welcome to the future.

 – Jason